PAUL-LAGROUW modern Art in bronze

Paul Lagrouw (1970), is an obstinate artist with two great passions, art and music (writer). His sculptures are strong and stylish, with smooth textures and classy patines but also free and funny elements can be found in his work. Like three penguins on an icefloe for example. Lagrouw:”the wonder of art, I think, is the human ability to take, sometimes very old forms or images out of our consciousness and create something new out of it”.

Lagrouw was schooled at Highschool Rotterdam (’93-’96). During his time there he met Anthon Hoornweg, an authority in bronze casting by the "cire perdue" method, who tought Paul the principles of this discipline. Through Hoornweg Lagrouw comes in contact with Raymond Spier and his foundry 'Studio Lemarez', where Paul starts to help out and learn in 1997. Lagrouw finds space here to try out and learn all about bronze casting. He assisted by casting sculptures from artists as : Nicolas Dings, Ingrid Rollema, Joep van Lieshout, Marianne Naerebout, Frans Gort and Rene Beaumont.
Lagrouw shows his artwork mainly on this site and on location when requested. Most artworks are for sale. Check EXHIBITION for pictures and prices. for art lovers and collectors around the world.

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