In a village in the County of Waterford not far from the sea
is a thatch-roofed cottage, just made for you and me
it's old, thick walls protect us from the raging storm
the Aga in the kitchen will always keep us warm
in the surrounding meadows the wild flowers grow
whilst in our garden's vegetable patch seeds we sow

baking bread and scones for our afternoon tea
we spend our days writing songs and poetry
tell stories or make love by the fireside every night
or during the day whenever it seems right
sometimes we'll ride through the countryside so fair
or gallop along the beach, the wind in our hair

in the pub we will often have a pint or two
listen to and sing the songs old and new
and laugh at the jokes, perhaps tell a few too
loving life, loving you, too good to be true
the name of the village, you guessed it, Killea
52degrees north 7degrees west, an Irish utopia