A prayer to God

Dear God

please protect him every day
Don't ever let his sunshine go away
Stand by him through dust and rain
Don't let him suffer from any pain

Make every wish of him come true.
Don't let him do things that he's not used to
Let him have a special friend
Someone who will love him until the end
Don't take away his pride
Stay forever by his side
Let him enjoy life and make fun
And let him have the eternal warmth of the sun

I am asking you this as a friend
cause I will love him until the end
He deserves to have the best life ever
Please dear God, take care for him forever!

( I will be so thankfull for that,
cause when he's happy I don't have any reason to be sad
Would you please keep that in mind?
Cause he really is one of a kind! )

Anaïs Willequet